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What We Do


Monthly Bookkeeping

- Transaction categorization
- Reconcile all accounts
- Financial Reports
- Discounted QBO Subscription

Optional Add-ons
- Payroll
- Recurring Meeting(s)
- A/R: invoicing and receiving payment
- A/P: paying vendors for goods/services





Unsure how your books looks like? Did you have a bookkeeper at one point but not anymore? Maybe you tried to do your own books but ended up on the bottom of your to-do list?

We offer a
Paid Diagnostic Review to review your books to figure out what needs to be done to get your books tidied up and caught up-to-date. Diagnostic review can find issues such as; past reconciliation issues (if appropriate), categorization issues, payroll issues, unpaid invoices, unpaid vendor's invoices, etc.




We offer both a clean-up and catch-up services before we head into monthly bookkeeping.

Clean-up: For clients whose books are a mess and requires a high volume of fixing categorization and issues in addition to catching-up on them.

Catch-up: For clients who had up-to-date books but fell off the priority list, and requires minimal fixing of categorization.




CFO Advisory
(coming soon!)

In the coming months, we'd like to offer CFO/Financial Advisory services to add more value to what your monthly financial reports mean. We want you to succeed in your business!!

Did you know? 
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 50% of businesses get to celebrate their 5th birthday, and only 20% see their 8th birthday :(


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