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full logo of RyuseiStream in white text with shooting stars coming out to emphasize the name

Website is Coming


Who We Are

RyuseiStream, LLC (pronounced "re-you-say" stream) was founded by a single member who was ambitious to become your wishing star. The name's based on a well-known, Japanese cultural belief about wishing on a shooting star:
If you can say your wish 3 times before the star disappears, your wish will come true!

Founder and CEO Akiho wanted to be that shooting star (or streams of shooting star so you didn't have to pick one!) that you saw in the sky. Did you wish "I wish there was a bookkeeper who can help keep my books up-to-date!" 3 times? Akiho is now backed by a team of expert bookkeepers with over 10 years in experience in total. They can tackle any challenges you throw their way, helping you navigate through the  financial cosmos while you steer your business towards the brightest shining star called your goals!

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